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*YOUTHS CATAPULT (YOCA) is an apolitical and  innovative youths-led organization  that focuses on the engagement and empowerment of the youths in the transformation of  ideas into lucrative business ventures using practical strategies and project tools with the hope of creating employment and Socioeconomic insertion of Cameroonian Youths. It was  created in 2014 and has hundreds of member across the national territory  with chapters in Four regions of Cameroon


To engage and empower of the youths in the valorization productive ideas with practical strategies and focus as a way forward to the emergence of Cameroon by 2035 through the creation of employment and Socioeconomic opportunities exploitable by the youths


To become an organization that proposes real practical solutions to the most pressing problems of the youths ( unemployment, Juvenile delinquency, crimes ) . To create an international platform for youth interaction , Morale integrity and excellence .

We design all in one tech solution for the complex needs of the capital management industry.


=>Training and reinforcement of capacities of the youths through Conferences and practical workshops on the creation of enterprises, project management, Business and Entrepreneurship.

=>Assist the youths and members in the transformation of their ideas into business projects and sourcing out the necessary resources for the implementation thanks to our network of partners

=>Development of new opportunities in the domains of Agricultural and Digital startups and Leadership